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Designed for mastering one GRE topic at a time

This GRE prep course is specifically designed to help you gain the mastery needed to tackle the wide range of unique questions the test-makers can create to evaluate your understanding of every topic tested on the GRE.

Video Lessons

Bite-sized video lessons that explain everything you need to know about a handful of GRE concepts.

Practice Questions

Each video lesson comes with tons of practice questions that test only those concepts covered in that lesson. 

Comment Board

Each lesson has its own comment board, where a GRE expert will answer your questions about that specific topic.

Study Guide

Follow the step-by-step study guide, and you’ll soon be ready to take the GRE with confidence!

What our GRE students are saying

  • Kristy
    "Wonderful videos that are very informative with great math hacks and helpful information"
  • Ashriya Joshi
    "The videos are extremely informative" (score increase from 312 to 321)
  • Miya
    "Greenlight Test Prep was great because it was so thorough."
  • Abdulla
    "Brent’s methods are efficacious and well-articulated"
  • Prathipa
    "An amazing study tool with elaborate and comprehensive videos"
  • Ana
    "Brent explained the concepts really well, and in a very digestible way."
  • Martyna
    "Being able to study at my own pace--but still have a helping hand--is probably the best feature of the course."
  • Ashwin
    "This course is a huge boon for folks like me who have returned to academics after a long time."
  • Junaid
    "This course is a panacea for those who are afraid of the GRE"
  • Sina D
    "The course is well organized, and the lessons are always to the point."
  • Karanbir B
    "There are a lot of tips on how to effectively approach questions on the GRE, which helped me save time."

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