What’s the deal with the Reinforcement Activities?

GRE Reinforcement Activities

Beneath most video lessons, you’ll find a Reinforcement Activities box featuring linked practice questions of various degrees of difficulty.

These practice questions test only those concepts and techniques covered in that particular lesson. So, answering them will:

  • Reinforce what you just learned
  • Acquaint you with the many different ways the GRE can test a single concept
  • Prepare you with the mental flexibility needed to solve nonstandard questions

How many practice questions should I answer?

In a perfect world, you’ll answer all 3000+ practice questions in this course. This approach practically guarantees success on test day. Of course, students don’t always have the luxury of time, in which case you should answer as many questions as your time permits

Note: Keep in mind that the number of practice questions under a certain topic is proportional to how frequently that topic is tested. So, if a topic (e.g., Inequalities) has a lot of practice questions, then you should make sure you’re comfortable with that topic.

If I answer some practice questions, what level of difficulty should I focus on?

You should use the practice questions as a bridge from your present skill level to your goal skill level. So, for example, if your present quantitative skills are at the 155 level, and you need 165-level skills, then you should start answering questions in the 150-159 range and then work your way up to 160-180 level questions. Similarly, if you have 145-level verbal skills, and you need 163-level skills, then start with questions in the 130-149 range, then advance to 150-159, and then questions in the 160-170 range. And so on. 

Official vs Unofficial

While practicing Quantitative topics, be sure to practice with both official and unofficial questions.

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