What to do the day before the GRE

You’ve worked hard to prepare for the GRE, and the time is almost here. In less than 24 hours, you’ll sit down to take perhaps the most important test in your life (so far). With the test just a few hours away, what should you do now? Believe it or not, there are several things that you should do, and some you should NOT do the day beforehand.

What you should NOT do the day before the test

It’s likely that you’ve been studying and preparing for the GRE for quite some time. What you shouldn’t do the day before the test is try to learn tons of material that you haven’t yet mastered. It’s not beneficial to try to cram in lots of new information. It’s also not useful to try to memorize tons of new details. A good night’s sleep is far more beneficial to your GRE scores than staying up all night cramming. In the end, cramming will only cause undue stress.

What you SHOULD do the day before the test

On the day before the exam it’s advisable to spend some time BRIEFLY reviewing topics you know you’ve mastered. Just check your notes to refresh your memory – that’s it. Also be sure to check the test center address and other information about the test so you can allow plenty of time in the morning. Set your alarm so that you have enough time to get ready and go to bed early enough to ensure you get adequate sleep.

What you should do on test day

Eat a good breakfast before heading to the exam center. Allow plenty of time to get there so that, if there are any delays, they won’t make you late. Arriving early will also alleviate a lot of stress. Before the test begins, take some time to breathe deeply and get used to your surroundings. Relax. Trust your preparation. You’ve worked hard to get here, and you’re prepared. It’s time to shine.

Test Day Mindset

As part of your preparation, work on adopting the proper mindset/attitude on test day. This will do wonders for your score. 

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