Lesson: General Tips for the GRE Essays

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Thank You
you guys are fountains of erudition and the best part of this is the fact that its free
I learnt more for the AWA section than the paid guides I bought.
keep up with the good work

Thank you so much for your such great, adorable and useful videos.

You are the best !

Really great

I am not able to afford the expensive tutorials found online, but these videos have geared me up pretty well for the analytical writing section. I have also learned to share my talents for the good of others. Thank you very much!

Woahh you guys are the best! Your free lessons on writing are really so much more helpful for me as a beginner than any other paid service!

Great work in all aspects.
Please advise which example of a forum where essays can be examined
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You can try posting essays here: http://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/analytical-writing-assessment-awa-14/ or here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GRE/
However, they often don't get much feedback.

Another option is to use the test-makers (ETS's) ScoreItNow service to get two essays scored by the official e-rater scoring system ($20 fee): https://www.dxrgroup.com/scoreitnow

Amazing videos! I enjoyed this analytical writing videos as I learned alot from them, I will recommend it to anyone who asks me about GRE! Keep up the great job GreenLight!
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Thanks Asmaa!

Definitely enjoyed. Thank you
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Thanks Patricia!

Wow, your free videos are rife with helpful tips! Straight-forward and clear. Thank you!
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Thanks Zola - that's very nice of you to say!


Amazing videos! Thanks so much!

Hi, thank you for the amazing videos it really helped me a lot. I need a favor from you...

Can you please tell that what would be the possible template to defend both sides an issue essay?
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I think you'll find it easier to just have 1 template in mind for each essay type.
However, if I were to create a template to defend both sides, it might look like this:

1) Intro paragraph
- Summarize issue
- State your position and summarize reasons for position

2) Two paragraphs for ONE side of the issue
- State point
- Elaborate or provide example
- Relate point to your position

3) Two paragraphs for the OTHER side of the issue
- State point
- Elaborate or provide example
- Relate point to your position

4) Conclusion paragraph
- Briefly restate points
- Restate your position


Hey Brent,
Why is it better to use an 'active voice' than a 'passive voice'?
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It's all about concision.
Writing in a passive voice uses more words than writing in an active voice.
Passive voice: My homework was eaten by the dog.
Active voice: The dog ate my homework.

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