Course Advantages

1. I’m with you at every step of your prep

When you enroll in my course, you get me (not an employee with limited experience). I created the course, I'll answer your questions on the discussion boards, and I'm the person you'll meet (via Skype) if you wish to discuss any aspect of your preparation.


2. All fundamentals covered

At some point in high school, you likely learned all of the math that the GRE tests, but it's also likely that you've forgotten many of the concepts and skills you learned 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. My course makes no assumptions about what you do or don't remember from high school. So, each module (e.g., Geometry, Statistics, etc.) in the course starts the most basic fundamentals and slowly works towards advanced concepts and strategies. If you get stuck at any point in your studies, I’m always available to help. 


3. Video instruction is the best way to learn

With video instruction YOU are in control. So, if you already know how to add fractions, then skip the lesson on adding fractions. If you find factoring quadratics difficult, then pause, rewind and replay that lesson until you’ve fully mastered the required skills. The same benefits don’t apply to classroom courses.


4. Comprehensive study guide

The step-by-step study guide leads you from day 1 of your studies all the way to test day. It also ensures that you cover everything the GRE tests.


5. Community of learners

If you have any questions, doubts or even wild theories you’d like to discuss, just post them in the Comment section of the corresponding video (example), and I’ll respond as soon as possible (always in less than 24 hours).


6. Office hours

If you have general questions about customizing your study plan, analyzing practice tests, or anything else, schedule a time to meet with me. I’m always delighted to hear from students, so don’t be shy.


7. Over 2500 micro-categorized practice questions

The course features video practice questions like this, and linked practice questions in the Reinforcement Activities box beneath most video lessons (example).  This format helps you explore and understand the many different ways the GRE can test each concept. The format also makes it super easy to review specific concepts. For example, if you’re struggling with inequality questions involving absolute values, you can watch the video on that one micro topic, and then answer related practice questions from the Reinforcement Activities box on that same page.


8. It’s a great course

I’m very proud of this course. Each video lesson has been carefully scripted and illustrated to maximize learning and retention. I think it’s one of the best GRE courses out there, and I’m delighted to share it with you.


9. Two guarantees

The course comes with two money-back guarantees:

  • A 7-day guarantee 
  • A 5-point score increase guarantee


10. Free test drive - no credit card or email address required

Make an informed decision by first previewing the dozens of free videos on this site, including the entire Quantitative Comparison, Analytical Writing, and General Strategies lesson modules. Just click Video Course (top navigation bar) to start your test drive.

Pro tip: you can increase or decrease playback speed via the video player's settings icon.


*If you'd like me to elaborate on any of the above points, email me or book a time to meet via Skype.

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