Quantitative Turbo Boost

Overcome Score Plateau

Is your hard work not reflected in your quant scores? Some of the possible causes include:

  • You’re unaware of certain properties (e.g., rhombuses have perpendicular diagonals)
  • You’re unaware of certain techniques (e.g., finding the GCD of 3 numbers)
  • You’re unaware of certain strategies (e.g., adding inequalities)
  • You rely too much on inefficient strategies (e.g., testing values in QC questions)
  • Your algebra skills need work
  • You possess certain misconceptions (e.g., (a + b)² = a² + b²)
  • You have blind spots when it comes to certain questions/topics
  • You’re prone to making the same silly mistakes

Through our three 1.5-hour sessions, we’ll add time-saving tools and strategies to your mathematical toolbox, and we’ll reduce your reliance on ineffective approaches.


Here’s the general format of the sessions:

1. Pre-session meeting (included in the package)

During this meeting (conducted via Skype), we’ll discuss your

  • GRE prep to date
  • Current quant skills
  • Goals
  • Timelines

Once I have a good idea of where you are and where you want to be, we'll schedule our first tutorial session.

Important: You don’t need a webcam for the pre-session meeting or for the tutorial sessions. 


2. Tutorial sessions

During each session, we’ll use Skype’s screen-sharing function to examine carefully-selected practice questions that will help identify any blind spots and knowledge gaps that are hindering your quant progress. Through this process, you’ll learn a variety of proven strategies to maximize your quant score on test day.


3. Post session feedback

After each session, I’ll email you a document featuring screenshots from our session as well as a list of bulleted reminders of the new concepts and strategies we covered during the session. So, once our sessions are over, you’ll have these convenient resources to review from time to time throughout your remaining prep.


Tailored specifically to you

Regardless of your present quant skills, I’m confident I can help add dozens of effective, time-saving tools to your mathematical toolbox.

Aside: If you'd like to spend more than 4.5 hours covering the GRE math syllabus, email me, and we’ll arrange something.

4.5-hour quantitative turbo boost


4.5 hours of private online tutoring with Brent (the course creator).

Through our sessions, we’ll reduce your reliance on inefficient approaches while also adding effective, time-saving tools and strategies to your mathematical toolbox.

Once you purchase this package, Brent will email you to schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your goals and timelines

* Note: This package doesn’t include access to the video course.

* Note: The 5-point increase guarantee doesn’t apply to tutorial sessions.

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Study Guide

The step-by-step Study Guide will help direct your studies and ensure that you cover everything that the GRE tests.

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