Lesson: Handling Stress on Test Day

Comment on Handling Stress on Test Day

Thanks for the tips! Test anxiety is my biggest worry!
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You're not alone.

I exhaled and held my breath until the the end of this video per instructions.
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Impressive! And how did you feel as time progressed?

My mind started to clog as I laughed watching the text saying "Keep holding your breath." Good one. After I inhaled, I started to feel comfortable and started to gain control of my cognition.
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Yes, exactly.
This is why we need to make sure we continue to breathe when we become stressed. Otherwise, we make matters even worse.


My biggest fear is test anxiety. I've experienced this before during different other tests and exams as well. Once, I feel I'm confident, I usually do much better. And yeah, this deep breath technique is very useful guys. I've done it before, and it really helps. Thank you for this informative video.

Hehe, could you have ever imagined that a few of the things you mentioned in this video (like taking the test at home in your pyjamas) would actually come true with the at home GRE? Strange times we live in.
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Ha! Great point!
No, I never would have imagined (and still can't believe) the events currently taking place. Strange times indeed!

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