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if i ignored the prompt, and i wrote the essay always assuming that it is type B (assumptions and roles), how much my score is affected?
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That's a very hard question to answer with any degree of accuracy.
If you want to test out your strategy before test day, you can use ETS's ScoreItNow service (https://www.dxrgroup.com/cgi-bin/scoreitnow/index.pl) to get two essays scored by the official e-rater scoring system ($20 fee)

I came up with an mnemonic to help me remember the steps.

Can Patricia Feel Queasy When Pregnant?
As Far As I know.

2. Patricia - PREMISES
3. Feel - FLAWS
4. Queasy - QUESTIONS
5. When - WRITE
6. Pregnant? - PROOFREAD

4. Questions

F - Far - FAULTY - WHY?
(KNOW - extra word to remember the answer to the mnemonic question.)

Hope I remember it!

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Thanks for sharing!!


Question! Is it necessary to use the American spelling of words on the GRE? I'm from Canada and we spell colour with a 'u' in it!
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As a fellow Canadian, I recommend that students use American spelling for the two essays on the GRE. My main reason for this is that I doubt that most readers are aware of the differences in Canadian/American spelling. This is true even among Canadians. For example most Canadians will spell "neighbour" and "colour" with a "u" (Canadian/British spelling), but the same people will write "realize" with a "z" (American spelling)

Although the test-makers say that minor spelling and grammatical mistakes will not affect your score, I can't help but think that some readers who are unaware of the spelling differences may view an essay with Canadian spelling slightly less favorably (favourably).


"...less favorably (favourably)", haha really funny

As a Ghanaian, we use the British way of spelling(since they were our colonial masters) so I believe I will find it difficult to adapt to the American spelling system.
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You're probably safe. I'm being ultra safe with my recommendation above.

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