Lesson: Generating Points for the Issue Essay

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Is it ok to use personal pronouns when stating a position?
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For the Issue essay, it's okay to refer to yourself (but I don't recommend it for the Argument essay)

Can i use this template in this task?

- state that the topic is important
- explain why it’s important
- restate the question
- presents your answer (thesis, opinion, etc.)

2 supporting paragraphs + 1 other side paragraph
- state your reason with one simple sentence
- explain how your reason and answer are logically connected
- offer specific support that talks about a real experience
- write a very, very short concluding sentence

The conclusion.
- restate your answer
- restate your reasons
- provide a final suggestion

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Looks great. My only recommendation is to limit the time you spend explaining why the topic is important.

Should I write the outline and then type the paper or type the paper by memory' of the outline? I'm having a hard time trying to type the paper within the 30 minutes.
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The answer to that question depends largely on your typing speed. I'm an awful typist, so I do all of my brainstorming/outlining on the note board, and once I have a game plan, I type the essay.

Others will have no problem typing everything.

You might want to wrote a few essays using various approaches to see what works best for you.

Hi this is ravitejan,can u explain both issue task and argument with some examples,then we understood better.
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Hi Ravitejan,

I'm not sure what you are asking.

If you want to see examples of the essay prompts, you'll find links to all official essay prompts in the Reinforcement Activities box above.

If you're asking for instruction on how to write the essays, the videos in this module cover that.

Can you please elaborate on what you're asking for?


I am still having a hard time trying to generate points to write for the issue essay. I am trying to go through the prompts and write down at least three pros and cons but have a hard time coming up with ideas. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this process easier?
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If you're having difficulties, you might want to spend some time reviewing other students' essays:

- https://greprepclub.com/forum/analytical-writing-assessment-awa-14/

I hope that helps.


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