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Hello Brent,

Why are we not considering the fact that the 4 questions can be answered in different orders?
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Good question!

I'm not sure whether this question requires additional wording to prevent ambiguity.

For example, if two students both answered C for all 4 questions, are the tests considered different if one student answered the questions in the order 1, 2, 3, 4 and the other answered them in the order 4, 3, 2, 1?

Tough call.

Here's a similar (official) GRE question: The 5 letters in the list G, H, I, J, K are to be rearranged so that G is the 3rd letter in the list and H is not next to G. How many such rearrangements are there ?

One possible arrangement is HIGKJ

What about arranging the letters vertically?

Is this considered different from HIGKJ?

What if we create the "word" HIGKJ, but we place the K 1st, the H 2nd, the J 3rd, the I 4th and the G 5th? Is this different?

I think we could drive ourselves crazy with doubt, but I think it's best to consider the question's final product (once all of the steps have been completed) to be the main target.

So, for the test results question, the final product (e.g., a test in which all of the answers are C) is all we should address.

Does that help?


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