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Hello, I really didn't understand the second approach, why did you consider no. of visitors / % of visitors as a constant for visitors of different countries. Also, can we use this second approach for all types of percentage questions on gre?
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Most students will find the second approach counterintuitive.

To better understand the principal at hand here, consider this example:
In a certain resort, 30% of the people are European, and 15% are Asian.

Even though we don't know the total number of people at the resort, we can still conclude that there are twice as many Europeans has there are Asians (since 30% = 2 x 15%)

So, for example, if we're told that there are 60 Asians at the resort, then we can also conclude that there are 120 Europeans at the resort.

We can write the following equivalent ratios:
(% of Europeans at resort)/(% of Asians at resort) = (number of Europeans)/(number of Asians)
So for this example we have: 30/15 = 60/30

The same applies to the original question.

This strategy only applies to questions in which you're told similar percentages and numbers.
If you have any doubt about the second solution, just know that you can save the answer the question without knowing anything about the second solution.

Thank you

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