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Hi Brent, question for you. What is the likely hood that this question would appear first in a set of data interpretation questions? Reason I ask is because although I got the correct answer for this question, I used the data from the previous question to answer this one.
Ex: in the last question, we solved for the total population in 1976 based off the given info. For this question, I used that number and I calculated the population for 1992, and took the percent for French visitors of each year and did precent increase change to get my answer.

I know you said you don’t need to know the population values in the question to solve this type of question, but I was just curious if these type of questions tend to appear first when doing data interpretation, this way I have a better game plan on time management.

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I'd say that it's somewhat rare to be able to use information from a former DI question to answer another question.

I always panic whenever I feel like there isn't enough information to answer the question...but then I realize that you could always assign numbers!

Hello Brent !
Just a quick question about 33 1/3 % how did you get to that number, thank you ?
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Our goal is to covert the fraction 1/3 into a percent.
The following video covers this kind of conversion:

One option is to use the fact that we can quickly convert decimals to percents by moving the decimal point 2 spaces to the right. For example:
0.14 = 14%
0.532 = 53.2%
0.08 = 8%
2.1432 = 214.32%

Through long division, we know that 1/3 = 0.3333333333....
So, 0.3333333333... = 33.33333333....%
= 33 1/3 %

Does that help?


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