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Thank you so much for your videos! Data Interpretation was my weakest area but after watching these videos I have a better understanding! I purchased Manhattan Prep and these videos are more helpful for me then the videos I spent hundreds of dollars on! Thank you!!
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Thanks for taking the time to say such nice things!

How do you read this graph? For example, I thought the In-Store revenue for 2003 was around 2 since that's where the top of the blue bar reaches.
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These graphics take a while to get used to.

The very top represents TOTAL revenue. So, the TOTAL revenue was 3,000,000 in 2003, and 5,000,000 in 2004, etc

Each big bar (representing TOTAL revenue) is divided into 3 part representing catalog sales, in-store sales, and online sales.

So, in 2004, we see that the total revenue is $3,000,000
Of this total revenue, about $300,000 is from catalog sales, about $1,900,000 is from in-store sales (in the video, we estimate it to be $2,000,000 which is close enough), and about $800,000 is from online sales.

Does that help?

Yes! Thanks again.

Nice explanation. I have problem understanding this kind of question. Thanks.

I think this is a great question and good practice with working with huge numbers (like millions). I've noticed on some official GRE tests, the test makers like to have big numbers so the question feels more intimidating. I used to try to calculate exact answers for the data interpretation questions, however, I have now begun to aggressively estimate and it has been saving me a few minutes I can spend else where. Thank you for these awesome videos!
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Good stuff! The GRE test-makers reward students (with extra time) who use number sense and approximation to solve questions.

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