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I am sorry this question sounds a little too simple- but I got confused with the term-"at most"-I interpreted that to mean the coldest or at most it is minus 5, so the lesser range would be warmer or lower than that which would be 0 or less. So, I answered with the opposite side.
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That's understandable. However, when it comes to temperature, the higher/more/greater/bigger the number, the hotter the temperature.

can you please explain , if temperature is at most -5 degrees , why are we taking negative side of table . ??
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If the temperature is AT MOST -5 degrees, then the temperature must be LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO -5 degrees.
So for example the temperature COULD be -10 or -5, or -22 or -31 or....

Does that help?


I have a question regarding the solution. The way you have explained it seems that you are assuming ranges. For example, when the wind is 5mph you derived the answer by taking the range between -15 and -20. If I encounter a question like this on the test should I also consider the value as ranges as I thought these values applied to one single perceived temperature
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Great question.

We're examining ranges, because the question tells us that "the temperature is AT MOST -5 degrees Fahrenheit"

In other words, we're told that the temperature could be anywhere in the range of temperatures from -5 all the way down to super low low low temperatures. This is why I highlighted those various temperature in yellow.

Also, when we examine the scenario when the wind is 5mph, we're looking for an air temperature that would result in a perceived temperature of -29 degrees.

Unfortunately, there is no air temperature (when combined with a wind speed of 5 mph) that yields a perceived temperature of exactly -29 degrees.

We know that an air temperature of -15 degrees yields a perceived temperature of -28 degrees, and we know that an air temperature of -20 degrees yields a perceived temperature of -34 degrees.

Since -29 degrees is between -28 degrees and -34 degrees, this means the air temperature must be between -15 and -20

Does that help?


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