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I love the lessons (like this one) that give me information directly applicable to my doctoral research study. Thanks!
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Thanks for taking the time to say kind things!


In the above problem, i didnt understood the second question's meaning. especially "how much in mean total income per student"

what does "mean" meant there?
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Question link: http://greprepclub.com/forum/di-set-6-fifteen-private-colleges-is-repres...

Question #2: The college that is drawing the most investment income in 2008 takes in approximately how much in mean total income per student in 2008? (Total income = tuition + investments)

"mean" is the same as average

"mean total income per student" = (TOTAL income)/(# of students)

Similar example: let's say that there a school has 3000 trees and 100 students.
We can say that the mean number of trees per student = 3000/100 = 30
In other words, there are 30 trees per student.

Does that help?

Yes indeed!

mean total is basically sum, and if "what is per quantity from total?", then sum/number of quantity.

But mistakenly i thought need to calculate mean for all 15 school

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