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In additional practice questions--- category exports-imports
In2008 export was 12billions and import 5billions. The answer is 140%. How was this calculated. Please explain
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I'm assuming that the question is asking us to calculate the percent INCREASE.

Percent increase = 100(new - old)/old
= 100(12 - 5)/5
= 100(7)/5
= 140%

More on percent change here:

Thank you.

Thank you so much for the wonderful maths modules. Very helpful with best explanations ,kind replies and deep insight. Need to start English now :) Thank you Brent! :)

Hello Brent,
I gave my exam today and got a score of 143 in Verbal and 146 in Quants section. Though I have good understanding of Maths, I could not score well in test. I felt the time being less for me as I was thinking a lot for each question. I skipped DI questions in maths as I did not have time to solve them. I could hardly come back to the questions which I skipped. Even though my concepts in Maths are good why I'm I not able to hit a better score? Could you please suggest and assist? Also share your mail ID to give a details about how I felt about the exam.
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How many practice tests did you take beforehand?

Keep in mind that the GRE is a test of your math and verbal skills AND it's a test of your test-taking skills. So, 160-level math/verbal skills, combined with 140-level test-taking skills, will likely result in a score that's closer to 140 than to 160.

You can find my contact info here: (and email address on that page will do)


Thank you for your response sir. I am planning to retake my GRE in the next 40 days. What kind of practice tests would you suggest me to take? Can you provide me the best practice test links that i can take everyday?
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Thanks for the list. In that case according to you will my score improve if I take more practice tests? Also during my exam especially in Maths I saw so many questions whose pattern I was not familiar with. I was aware of all the topics that came in the exam. Say when I saw a question I could immediately recognize what topic it belonged to. But I could not easily unwind the question or I did not know what method or logic to apply suddenly. Somewhere I felt the pattern of the questions were different from what I learnt in your modules. Could you please suggest me where I'm I lacking? I need to really improve my quant score for admissions.
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Yes, taking practice tests will help improve your score. Keep in mind that the GRE is a test of your math and verbal skills, AND it's a test of your test-taking skills. So, 165-level math/verbal skills, combined with 150-level test-taking skills, will likely result in a score that's closer to 150 than to 165.

Also, you can use practice tests to help identify remaining areas of weakness.

With regard to the "not easily unwinding the question," it's important to note that understanding the concepts tested is only one step in doing well on the GRE. You must also become aware of the many different ways the test-makers can challenge your understanding of each individual concept.

More on this here:

Thanks for the wonderful explanation on the above link. Now my question is what is the solution for the "Content Mastery trap? Is it practicing the different types of question below each module?
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That right. Answering the questions in the Related Activities boxes (on most video lessons) will help you understand the many different ways you can be tested on each concepts.

ASIDE: All of the Data Interpretation practice questions (most of which are official GRE questions) can be found at the bottom of this page:
I do not understand the second question and please provide a detailed solution
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I'm having a hard time understanding part a) of this question. How do you choose mortgages out of the rest of the expenses when it doesn't state which expenses in the question are to be calculated, only that 49% of the gross income annual income for the "two categories" are listed. How do we know which category of the expense to calculate?
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Question link:

I believe the person on the Magoosh site used the word "mortgage" to refer to the "Mortgage, Insurance, Property Taxes" bar.


Hi Brent, do you mind explaining this question to me? I am having trouble understanding it.
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