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I tried to solve this question through exterior angles. I assumed (180-2y) = b and (180-2x) = a.

Then I came up with the following equations:
a + 50 = 2y - 1
b + 50 = 2x - 2
w+x+y = 180 - 3

I then substituted eq 1 and 2 into 3 to get :
w + b +a = 80
as 50 + a +b = 180 that means that a+b = 130

w + 130 = 80 = > this seems odd

Is my assumption of exterior angles in this situation incorrect?
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Sorry, but I don't know which angles you're referring to when you talk about angles a, b, x and y.

If you can label/define those angles, I'm sure I can help.


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