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How can we assume that it's an isosceles triangle. I didn't get it.
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We're told that AB = BC, which means ABC is an isosceles triangle.

Thank you

I took the transversal line to be BC but i guess that's wrong
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That's not wrong.

A transversal is just a line that intersects both parallel lines.

So, we can think of line AC as a transversal, and we can think of line BC as a transversal.

To better understand what I mean, take a look at these diagrams:

Does that help?


Understood but looking at BC as a transversal doesn't give us enough data to solve so after realizing that we should look at the other transverals. Or do we have enough info to solve with the trasversal BC?
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To answer this question, we must consider the transversal (line) that points A and C lie on.

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