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Can we use the property of central angle is twice the inscribed angle and get the angle 25 degrees and move further?
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That's a perfectly valid approach. Nice work!

Can I say angle O (angle AOB) is central angle and angle D is a inscribed angle,
So as angle AOB = 50 degree then angle D = 1/2 of 50 degree = 25 degree
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That's a perfectly valid approach - nice work!

Hi for the above question - initially take angle OBC as 90 as perpendicular then line BD cutting the angle 90 gives two equal halves - 45 so end result can be 45... why cant this be the solutions? please reply me
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Hi Vineet,

You're right to say that ∠OBC = 90°
However, we aren't told that segment BD cuts ∠OBC into EQUAL angles.
So, we can't assume this to be the case.

Does that help?


hi Brent

it definitely helped me, I have learnt that- we are not supposed to draw conclusions from the diagram, instead we need to put effort in solving the problem with given facts in the question.

Thanks and regards

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