Question: Circle in the x-y Plane

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We may also solve it like:
There is formation of square with side length 4,
So diagonal =[(2)^1/2] * side
= 4 * [(2)^1/2]
= 4 * 1.41
= 5.64 ;5.64 > 5
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Great approach!

Can we assume like both the radii perpendicular to tangent meet at center O and form a 90 degree there. The right triangle then formed will be 45-45-90 triangle so sides will be x:x:sq.root2x which is 4:4:4 sq.root 2 4 sq. root 2 is is 5.6 and 5.6 > 5. Is this approach correct?
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That's a perfectly valid approach.

can we use the 45-45-90 triangle measurements and apply the enlargement factor since two sides are the same length and there's a right angle? the answer I get is 4√ 2 which is still greater than 5.
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That's a perfectly valid solution. Nice work!

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