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The link to "GRE practice question (difficulty level: 160 to 170) -" is working, but their site is down.
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If you scroll down further, you'll see the question (at least I can see it).

just a thought, is there a way to solve this without listing all of the factors of the even numbers in 2-20. I'm thinking that if you know 20 has a pair of 2 and 5 in it, you can determine the highest number of 2's and highest number of 5's in 20!
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It would be great to come up with a general solution like that, but I think the hard part is dealing with times when multiple 2's are hiding in 20!

That said, can you elaborate on how your strategy would play out?


Not related to this, but I wish there was a way to save the speed preference of the user so I do not have to fast forward each video.
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Good question.
I did some research, and that doesn't seem to be such an option.
I'll keep looking though, and get back to you if I find a solution.


This question would eat up an enormous amount of time with the method used to solve this problem that I highly doubt it will be a GRE question.
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Never say never :-)
The question isn't that much harder than this official question:

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