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it's really good

without pay can i see that video
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That's right. We have tons of free videos.

I have a question please.If I watched these videos on Verbal Reasoning, would it be a waste of time to read information in the official book? In other words, do these videos summarize the information in the official book?
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Hi Hadeel,

Yes, we cover what's in the Official Guide, but it's still not a bad idea to read what the Official Guide has to say as well, since they might present the information in a different way.

The Official Guide covers in the Verbal Reasoning section from page 43 to page 51 (in the 3rd edition of the Guide), so it's not a whole lot of extra reading.


I see. Thank you.

How is the second question's answer D? I read in https://www.manhattanprep.com/gre/blog/gre-reading-comprehension-without-reading/ that answer choices are usually not too strong whereas answer choice D bashes the construction, could you explain why is it the right one?
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Question link: https://greprepclub.com/forum/qotd-16-homo-economicus-or-economic-human-...

The first two sentences explain what homo economicus is.
The third sentence tells us that, since total information is not possible in the real world, models based on homo economicus will be imperfect.
The next five sentences feature experts explaining why the models based on homo economicus will be imperfect.

I would summarize the main idea as: Homo economicus seems like a good way to describe human motivation, but in practice, human flaws make the theory less plausible.

Now check the answer choices...

(A) Eliminate, since it suggests the theory is valid.
(B) This answer choice seems a little extreme, but let's keep it for now.
(C) Eliminate. There's nothing to suggest this is true.
(D) Keep.
(E) Eliminate. There's nothing to suggest this is true.

From here, we must choose between B and D.
Since B seems too extreme, I'd go with D.

Please note: In most cases, I prefer not to answer unofficial Verbal questions since they often don’t represent what you’ll encounter on test day (please see comment policy). I made an exception today.

How can I filter out Official questions on GREprepclub?
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For each sub-forum (Reading Comprehension, Sentence Equivalence, Quantitative Comparison, etc.), you can click the SOURCES button and mark all of the official sources.

See: https://imgur.com/BGiJsZ3

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