Lesson: Engaging in the Passage

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The video really helped me with my concentration. Thanks so much for the tips!
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Happy to help!

i can only say excellent videos!!! i was working with another website but after watching just one video from greenlight website i have stopped watching all other videos.
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Wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to write!

I was feeling proud while recommending your website to my colleagues. Thank you so much for giving us precise training on GRE. I am following this since March 2015.

All videos are very helpful for me to study for GRE. I hope I will get the good score. :)

Great video!!!
Really helpful and perfect strategies!!!!

Thanks a lot ..very effective :)

You have created a great piece of instruction in your videos. Thank you for your work.
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very effective

Your eloquence explanation affords a panoramic view that is necessary to ace RC.

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