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Quick question regarding with reading material. Since English in not my native language, I would like to know the order of readable material for (1) Biological and Physical Science and (1)Arts and Humanities which was shown on the video. I would like to gradually increase the level of the difficulty to read.
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Those recommendations are for people who do a lot of reading anyway, and just guides them to the most GRE-like passages.

If English is not your native language, I think you will benefit the most from reading TONS of passages from actual GRE tests (e.g., at the bottom of https://www.greenlighttestprep.com/module/gre-reading-comprehension)

how much time should be spent to answer the comprehension questions?
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When it comes to short passages (with 3 related questions) and long passages (with 4 related questions), I suggest the following:
- Short passages: 2.5 minutes reading passage and 3 minutes answering 3 questions
- Long passages: 3.5 minutes reading passage and 4 minutes answering 4 questions
BTW, this is covered in the following video (starting at 1:55): https://www.greenlighttestprep.com/module/gre-reading-comprehension/vide...

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