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Dear Sir
I have some observation to make.In the question no. 4 at 3:35 minutes , it is asked to find the sentence from the first or second paragraph that describes the common goal.But for the answer we find the goal in the fourth

Sir if we look at the last line of 1st paragraph where it is mentioned that Stalin took unapologetically aggressive approach to create a socialist state which Lenin was unwilling to take.So can we not infer that both of them had same goal to create a socialistic state, although Stalin's may not be as liberal as Lenin as mentioned in the same sentence.

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I'm not sure that the last sentence is the best answer. It reads...

"While he [Stalin] is viewed by some as a traditionalist for reversing his predecessor's liberal social policies, he is viewed by others as a progressive for taking the unapologetically aggressive approach to the creation of a socialist state that Lenin was unwilling to take."

So, this sentence is largely about whether Stalin was a traditionalist or a progressive. It also talks about how Stalin took an aggressive approach and Lenin did NOT take aggressive approach.

Hiding within these two messages is the IMPLIED message that Stalin and Lenin both wanted to create a socialistic state. However, the last sentence is more about the differences between Stalin and Lenin than it is about shared goals.

Now compare that sentence with the highlighted sentence in the 2nd paragraph, which says

"With the OBJECTIVE of breeding gratitude and LOYALTY to the Soviet government, Lenin did X, Y and Z"

Later (in the 4th paragraph), it says that Stalin "...encouraged women to have more babies with the promise of mutual DEVOTION: the state would be responsible for their welfare, and the Soviet children would be expected to PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the state."

Since both sentences talk about the shared desire for the Soviet people to be LOYAL to the state, the best answer is the highlighted sentence in the 2nd paragraph.

Does that help?

Plz let me know is this a tone question or interference?
which of the following most accurately represents the author's treatment of traditionalism view point of Stalin's approach ?
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It's actually a structure question, since we're asked for a summary of the author's method of reasoning.

I am a little confused, where as that one of the example that instructor provided as a tone question is :
Which of the following most accurately describe the author opinion of Pickford Theory ?

and also in this question also mentioned: which of the following most accurately represent the author treatment of traditionalism view of Stalin?

The only differences is using treatment instead on opinion?

This is highly appreciated if explain in details.

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This question type is a bit of a hybrid question (part tone and part structure). That said, I feel that it's closer to a tone question.

The word TREATMENT doesn't necessarily have anything to do with feelings. It's usually a objective word that describes the steps taken to achieve some goal.

On the other hand, the word OPINION is subjective. It pertains to how someone feels about something.

The answer choices can often help us determine the question type.
For Question 1, the answer choices largely describe the structure of the passage.

Does that help?


Thanks a lot
Will take care next time.

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