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Hi sir,
This is a part of question from Powerprep II software provided by ETS. When I came to determine the underlying assumptions of the argument given, I couldn't get the idea what underlying assumption help argument reach the conclusion, the one in the link provided below...
My only question is how it can be analyzed in more simpler way to reach the best correct answer?

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Link: http://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/extensive-housing-construction-is-underw...

Tricky question!

The conclusion is that, once the housing is occupied, the annual number of the forest's deer hit by cars will be much higher than before construction started.

One of the assumptions here (once we read the answer choices) is that there will actually be deer remaining AFTER construction. If all of the deer disappear during construction, then the whole conclusion falls apart.

So, IF plenty of deer remain in the area, then many WILL be hit by cars

So, for the conclusion to be valid, we need answer choice D to be true.

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