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I shortlisted my Answer to be between A & B and spent a lot of time on B .

B stands as a good answer choice as The Mktg. Campaign had a lot of services to offer which would entice new customers , but we see that from Option B it was not the New Services offered in the Campaign which Brought in new customers rather just the Gym Fitness Town ?!

Am i doing a
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For this question, it's easy to force our own assumptions on the marketing team's goals. However, we must stick with what the passage tells us.

The marketing team's goal for the campaign appears in the first 11 words: "In order to attract members away FROM OTHER FITNESS CLUBS in the city..."

So, when the marketing team says the campaign was a success, they are suggesting that the campaign accomplished the goal of attracting members AWAY from other fitness clubs.

So, given this goal, if FitnessTown were able to get 1 million new members, BUT none of those new members were formerly members from other fitness clubs, then the campaign would NOT be successful.

Answer choice B weakens the argument ONLY IF the conclusion were something like "The new members bought FitnessTown memberships BECAUSE OF THE special offers (free locker, free consultation & free tanning beds). However, since this conclusion is not stated in the argument, answer choice B is incorrect.

Does that help?


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