GRE Sentence Equivalence

In the GRE Sentence Equivalence module, you'll learn GRE-specific skills related to:

  • Identifying contextual clues
  • Predicting answers
  • Avoiding traps
  • Building your GRE vocabulary
  • Using prefixes and roots
  • Eliminating answer choices



  • 1. Lesson: Intro to Sentence Equivalence (3:25)
  • 2. Lesson: General Strategy - Part I (10:14)
  • 3. Question: Lawmakers (2:38)
  • 4. Question: Coffee Shop (1:58)
  • 5. Lesson: General Strategy - Part II (5:23)
  • 6. Question: New York Living Space (2:03)
  • 7. Question: Reality Television (2:00)
  • 8. Lesson: Building your Vocabulary (6:47)
  • 9. Lesson: Common Prefixes (5:21)
  • Download: GRE Word List #1 (basic)
  • Download: GRE Word List #2 (advanced)
  • Access the word lists via 500 basic words and 500 advanced words
  • 10. Lesson: Common Roots (5:01)
  • Download: Common Prefixes and Roots
  • 11. Lesson: Word Association (4:39)
  • 12. Lesson: Trap Answers (6:24)
  • 13. Question: Test Takers (1:55)
  • 14. Question: Declining Economy (2:02)
  • 15. Question: Gifts of Love (2:03)
  • 16. Question: Vehicle Maintenance (1:41)
  • 17. Question: President and Foreign Aid (1:25)
  • 18. Lesson: Sentence Equivalence Summary (3:19)
  • 19. Question: Broken Goalpost (1:40)
  • 20. Question: The Dissertation (1:22)
  • 21. Question: Tiny Tim (1:14)
  • 22. Question: The Lioness and her Cubs (1:30)
  • 23. Question: Post-Surgical Interviews (1:31)
  • 24. Question: Master and Apprentice (2:04)
  • 25. Question: Veda and her Tutor (2:07)
  • 26. Question: Trainer and Trainee (1:19)
  • 27. Question: Bobby and his Mother (1:51)
  • 28. Question: Goddard's Research (1:44)
  • 29. Question: Customer Service Line (1:34)
  • 30. Question: Body Types (2:19)
  • 31. Question: Black Holes and Death (1:35)
  • 32. Question: Gabe's Closest Friends (1:30)
  • 33. Question: Movies Watched as Adults (1:35)
  • 34. Question: Chocolate Torte (1:19)
  • 35. Question: Performers Offstage (1:56)
  • 36. Question: Battle of Marathon (2:22)
  • 37. Question: Criticizing Public Figures (1:57)
  • 38. Question: Kyle's Speeches (1:39)
Total viewing time for the GRE Sentence Equivalence module: 102 minutes.

Additional Practice Questions

Difficulty level: 130 to 149

The point we might still take from the First World - GRE Official Guide

As market forces penetrate firms and bid up the - GRE Official Guide

In American Indian art, the supposed - GRE Official Guide

Only by ignoring decades of mismanagement and - GRE Official Guide

Because they had expected the spacecraft Voyage - GRE Official Guide

The judge’s standing in the legal community - GRE Official Guide

As my eyesight began to - GRE Official Guide

Retrofitted with stabilizing devices, some of which  – Official GRE verbal book

Although cosmic objects have struck Earth since the planet’s – Official GRE verbal book

That people _______ the musical features of – Official GRE verbal book

Torpey’s study has turned a seemingly – Official GRE verbal book

Britain is attractive to worldwide advertisers because – Official GRE verbal book

Family photos of the author suggest that she was – Official GRE verbal book

If big sums are to be spent on cleaning up – Official GRE verbal book

The process of establishing a literary canon is seen – Official GRE verbal book

To any observer, ancient or - GRE Prep Club

The fuel efficiency of most vehicles - GRE Prep Club

James Joyce, the author of many - GRE Prep Club


Difficulty level: 150 to 159

Though feminist in its implications, Yvonne - GRE Official Guide

This is the kind of movie—stuffed with intimations - GRE Official Guide

It would have been disingenuous of the candidate - GRE Official Guide

Skeptics contend that any scheme for - GRE Official Guide

Some of the company’s supporters charged that - GRE Official Guide

Notwithstanding their ________ regarding other - GRE Official Guide

Given the flood of information presented by the mass - GRE Official Guide

Some scientists argue that carbon compounds - GRE Official Guide

During the opera’s most famous aria - GRE Official Guide

A misconception frequently held by novice writers - GRE Official Guide

Her _________ should not be confused with miserliness - GRE Official Guide

Modern agricultural practices have been extremely - GRE Official Guide

The band’s long-standing strategy of laying leisurely – Official GRE verbal book

Factory production made an absence of imperfections – Official GRE verbal book

Through its state associations, the American Medical – Official GRE verbal book

In a strong indication of the way the entire party – Official GRE verbal book

Mr. Hirsch says he will aim to preserve the – Official GRE verbal book

In France, cultural subsidies are __________ – Official GRE verbal book

The problem of avoiding duplicate names—such – Official GRE verbal book

At nearly 450 pages, the novel is __________ : the author – Official GRE verbal book

Biologists agree that snakes descended from lizards – Official GRE verbal book

A particular bacterium that has never encountered – Official GRE verbal book

The remarkable thing about the mayoral race – Official GRE verbal book

It is a testimony to Roth’s _______ that he could not – Official GRE verbal book

In film studies—a visually oriented discipline that is – Official GRE verbal book

Consumers may think that genetic engineering – Official GRE verbal book

Although the compound is abundant in the – Official GRE verbal book

Deacon attempts what seems impossible: a book rich – Official GRE verbal book

Despite relying on the well-to-do for commissions – Official GRE verbal book

After staying up all night she felt extremely – Official GRE verbal book

The mayor is more ideologically consistent – Official GRE verbal book

At first glance, Watkins Park, with its meandering – Official GRE verbal book

Although relying on much of the recent scholarship – Official GRE verbal book

Although the Wright brothers' first attempted - GRE Prep Club

_____ by a swarm of tabloid reporters, their camera - GRE Prep Club

The__________ nature of the room was considered – GRE Prep Club

Because mercury has a variety of - GRE Prep Club

Researchers interested in the nature - GRE Prep Club

Anthropologists contend that the ancient - GRE Prep Club

The magazine’s editor was known to be - GRE Prep Club

A field trip was arranged so that - GRE Prep Club

Nothing evoked memories of her - GRE Prep Club

Unlike the politician’s earlier evasions - GRE Prep Club

The music of the late ’70s is often - GRE Prep Club

Forty years ago, anthropologists firmly - GRE Prep Club

Many young employees actively - GRE Prep Club

In previous decades, it was simply assumed - GRE Prep Club

While the professor first achieved renown for the – GRE Prep Club

Jefferson regarded sumptuous living as among the - GRE Prep Club

The cult members treated their leader with – GRE Prep Club

The saying “Time stops for no man” also applies – GRE Prep Club

Isherwood’s sympathy for communism during – GRE Prep Club

Anne was resolute about following a spiritual – GRE Prep Club


Difficulty level: 160 to 170

It seems obvious that Miles Davis - GRE Official Guide

Always circumspect, she was reluctant to make - GRE Official Guide

Newspapers report that the former executive - GRE Official Guide

Overlarge, uneven, and ultimately disappointing - GRE Official Guide

The government’s implementation of a new code - GRE Official Guide

If researchers can determine exactly what is wrong – Official GRE verbal book

Some analysts worry about consumers’ perception that – Official GRE verbal book

After people began to make the transition from gathering – Official GRE verbal book

In The Simple Soybean, the author is much less restrained – Official GRE verbal book

Parkin’s characterization of the movement as – Official GRE verbal book

A recent study suggests that vitamin E supplements – Official GRE verbal book

Despite her relaxed and flexible style, Ms. – Official GRE verbal book

Theology was once regarded as the “Queen of the – Official GRE verbal book 

The kenjogo or humble language used in - GRE Prep Club

Possessed of an insatiable sweet tooth, Jim enjoyed - GRE Prep Club

Robert’s outwardly amiable disposition - GRE Prep Club

Arriving in New Orleans days after - GRE Prep Club

The circulation of the blood makes - GRE Prep Club

The Canadian Prime Minister, Mackenzie - GRE Prep Club

The exhibit is not so much a - GRE Prep Club

After a long, hard practice in the - GRE Prep Club

While the colonists would eventually - GRE Prep Club

While modern works of philosophy are generally – GRE Prep Club

The new particles produced by CERN’s Large Hadron - GRE Prep Club

Theology was once regarded as the - GRE Prep Club

The amount of self-abasement with which the – GRE Prep Club

Lie detector tests attempt to discern – GRE Prep Club

Lady Astor once commented to Winston Churchill – Manhattan Prep

Unable to reconcile the – GRE Prep Club

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