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Sir, what does here "less than........the media" mean?
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"scrupulous" (in this instance) means extremely attentive to details. So, a scrupulous reporter is someone who is very careful to make sure everything he/she writes is true, right down to the finer details.

So, someone who is "less than scrupulous" is someone who is not attentive to details.

Actually, scrupulous means abiding by rules or morals. So someone less than scrupulous would be a rather shady character. "The fake news media is among the most unscrupulous entities in existence today." There's an example.
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One of the interesting/strange things about the English language is that tons of words have more than one definition.
For example, in your post above, MEANS, RULES, CHARACTER, and SHADY I'll have more than one definition.

SCRUPULOUS falls in that category (

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