Question: Range of Variable Expressions

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this problem belongs to magoosh but why you upload here? IT"S not fair
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I can assure you that I'm the creator and copyright owner of this video.

If you have any doubts, you can contact Magoosh about it.


Now, why would you have to multiply again by 2 after we eliminated 2 from the second to last step?
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Earlier in the question, we concluded that the range = 2x + 2y

So, once we know that x+y = 20, we must multiply both sides by 2 to get: 2x + 2y = 40

Does that help?


Plz let me know if I can put values:

As the median is : x + y = 20
let x = 1 and y = 19 , 0 < x < y or 0 < 1 < 19

Now x - y = -18

and 3x + y = 22

The range from -18 to +22 = 41

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Once we know that the median = 10, we can just plug in values for x and y to determine the range.

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