GRE Text Completion

In the GRE Text Completion module, you'll learn GRE-specific skills related to:

  • Successfully using a general strategy for all Text Completion questions
  • Understanding Text Completion question structure
  • Avoiding traps
  • Building your GRE vocabulary
  • Using prefixes, roots, and word associations
  • Eliminating answer choices




  • 1. Lesson: Introduction to Text Completion (4:39)
  • 2. Lesson: General Strategy - Part 1 (8:50)
  • 3. Question: Finnish Lapphund (2:18)
  • 4. Question: Bradley Creative Process (2:08)
  • 5. Lesson: General Strategy - Part 2 (6:04)
  • 6. Question: Palatial Home (2:35)
  • 7. Question: Barely Audible (1:57)
  • 8. Lesson: Multi-Word Answer Choices (7:51)
  • 9. Question: The Flu (1:57)
  • 10. Question: Bribery Accusations (2:14)
  • 11. Lesson: Building Your Vocabulary (6:47)
  • Download: GRE Word List #1 (basic)
  • Download: GRE Word List #2 (advanced)
  • Access the word lists via 500 basic words and 500 advanced words
  • 12. Lesson: Common Prefixes (5:21)
  • Download: Common Prefixes and Roots
  • 13. Lesson: Common Roots (5:01)
  • 14. Lesson: Word Association (4:39)
  • 15. Lesson: 2-Blank Questions (6:58)
  • 16. Question: Hockey Strike (2:29)
  • 17. Question: Heroes (2:53)
  • 18. Lesson: 3-Blank Questions (9:19)
  • 19. Question: Ignorance of a Law (3:26)
  • 20. Question: Military Allegiance (3:16)
  • 21. Lesson: Relationship Questions (8:23)
  • 22. Question: Stefan's Project (2:20)
  • 23. Question: Wealth Accumulation (1:55)
  • 24. Lesson: What Makes a Question Difficult (8:12)
  • 25. Question: Therapy Dogs (2:21)
  • 26. Question: Online User Reviews (2:37)
  • 27. Lesson: Trap Answers (7:48)
  • 28. Question: Zelda's Face (1:51)
  • 29. Question: Ross King (2:26)
  • 30. Question: Navin Was Despised (2:35)
  • 31. Lesson: Summary and Extra Tips (6:01)
  • 32. Question: Martin's Exercise (1:10)
  • 33. Question: Slide Content (1:17)
  • 34. Question: Virginia's Spirits (1:24)
  • 35. Question: Senator's View (1:30)
  • 36. Question: Pavel Fedotov (1:09)
  • 37. Question: Organic Foods (1:10)
  • 38. Question: New Tax Bill (1:03)
  • 39. Question: Indisputable Evidence (1:45)
  • 40. Question: Animal Rights (1:35)
  • 41. Question: Tropical Fish Study (1:45)
  • 42. Question: Baikonur Spaceport (1:09)
  • 43. Question: Belief in Spirits (1:38)
  • 44. Question: Radiation Exposure (2:14)
  • 45. Question: Slang (4:25)
  • 46. Question: Theodore Roosevelt (1:10)
  • 47. Question: Movie Underdogs (1:32)
  • 48. Question: Geotagging (2:08)
  • 49. Question: Hollywood Stardom (2:34)
  • 50. Question: Prison Populations (1:04)
  • 51. Question: Saga (2:17)
Total viewing time for the GRE Text Completion module: 171 minutes.

Additional Practice Questions

1-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 130 to 149

In parts of the Arctic, the land grades into - GRE Official Guide

The unexplained digressions into the finer - GRE Official Guide

Even the charisma and technical prowess of - GRE Official Guide

This composer has never courted popularity – Official GRE verbal book

The sight of a single actor portraying several – Official GRE verbal book

Early studies often concluded that – Official GRE verbal book

While not _________ the arguments in favor – Official GRE verbal book

The first major exhibits of modern art left – Official GRE verbal book

Although economic growth has conventionally – Official GRE verbal book

Although the concept of vegan donuts did - GRE Prep Club

Nearly two-thirds of the country's mushroom – GRE Prep Club

Even the _________ and alluring charms of Paris - GRE Prep Club


1-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 150 to 159

The reception given to Kimura’s radical - GRE Official Guide

Just as the authors’ book on eels - GRE Official Guide

Mechanisms develop whereby every successful - GRE Official Guide

In the midst of so many evasive comments - GRE Official Guide

Although plant and animal species that become - GRE Official Guide

Far from being ________ the corporate world - GRE Official Guide

The belief that politicians might become - GRE Official Guide

There may be a threshold below which blood - GRE Official Guide

The media once portrayed the governor – Official GRE verbal book

For most of the first half of the nineteenth – Official GRE verbal book

When she first came to France from Bulgaria – Official GRE verbal book

The name of the Sloane Matthew Library – Official GRE verbal book

Even as the economy struggled, the secretary – Official GRE verbal book

By recognizing commonalities among all – Official GRE verbal book

In his unexpurgated autobiography, Mark Twain – Official GRE verbal book

The children’s _________ natures were in sharp – Official GRE verbal book 

While she was unfailingly ____________ to her - GRE Prep Club

By forcing our surrender to the authority - GRE Official Guide

Robert Ingersoll, although virtually unknown today - GRE Prep Club

Jean Jacques Rousseau, whose social philosophy - GRE Prep Club

Until the current warming trend exceeds the range – GRE Prep Club

In interviews, despots are often surprisingly - GRE Prep Club

In Europe, football, otherwise known as – GRE Prep Club

The astrophysicist argues that our book - GRE Prep Club

Unfortunately for the young hire, the amiable, gregarious - GRE Prep Club

The famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris took - GRE Prep Club


1-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 160 to 170

The novelist devotes so much time to - GRE Official Guide

Mathematicians have a distinctive sense of - GRE Official Guide

Unenlightened authoritarian managers rarely recognize - GRE Official Guide

In searching for norms in the sense of authoritative – Official GRE verbal book

Researchers have observed chimpanzees feigning – Official GRE verbal book 

The Olympic Cycling Team took their ____________ at - GRE Prep Club

The American public venerates medical - GRE Prep Club

Cezanne's delicate watercolor sketches often served – GRE Prep Club

The children's ______ natures were in sharp contrast - GRE Prep Club

The thriving health food company sells __________ meat - GRE Prep Club

The widespread tendency to ___________ retired – GRE Prep Club

Evoking both horror and joy in its audience - GRE Prep Club


2-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 130 to 149

The successful tech company faces - GRE Prep Club

The figure-skating pair’s convincing victory – Official GRE verbal book

In his initial works, the playwright made – Official GRE verbal book

We have yet to (i) _______ the assessment of – Official GRE verbal book

While many outside the company attributed – Official GRE verbal book

With the rate of technological (i) _________ accelerating – Official GRE verbal book 


2-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 150 to 159

There is nothing quite like this movie  - GRE Official Guide

Everyone has routines that govern their - GRE Official Guide

In a recent history of the Renaissance – Official GRE verbal book

The setting in which the concert took place – Official GRE verbal book

The governor has long been obsessed with – Official GRE verbal book

The villas and compounds that proliferated – Official GRE verbal book

The governor has considerable political – Official GRE verbal book

That the artist chose to remain in his – Official GRE verbal book

An innovation of the eighteenth-century – Official GRE verbal book 

The eyes of the mantis shrimp have – GRE Prep Club

The flood of innovation that has engendered – GRE Prep Club

While far from the bane that some scholars - GRE Prep Club

Peculiarly enough, Shakespeare has been - GRE Prep Club

Far less ____________ than her predecessor – GRE Prep Club

Despite protestations to the contrary, Peyermessen – GRE Prep Club

Economists have developed such sophisticated and - GRE Prep Club

The captain (i) ___________ (ii) ___________ - GRE Prep Club


2-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 160 to 170

The government has no choice but to - GRE Official Guide

The brief survey, published under the title - GRE Official Guide

The activists’ energetic work in the service of - GRE Official Guide

Ironically, the writer so wary of - GRE Official Guide

Certain music lovers yearn for  - GRE Official Guide

Unlike the problems in recent financial - GRE Official Guide

That the nuclear power plant was highly - GRE Official Guide

Belanger dances with an - GRE Official Guide

Instant celebrity is often (i) _________ asset because – Official GRE verbal book

At their best, (i) _________ book reviews are – Official GRE verbal book

The gaps in existing accounts of the – Official GRE verbal book

Readers may initially be irked by the book’s – Official GRE verbal book 

Newborn babies are perfectly – GRE Prep Club

The fact that the average life expectancy – GRE Prep Club

When developing a completely new skill, it – GRE Prep Club

Federal efforts to regulate standards on - GRE Prep Club

The popularization of science by writers with - GRE Prep Club

Some minor governmental bungling - GRE Prep Club

Of course we would all like to believe that - GRE Prep Club

A full account of the complexities of sleep, sought after by scientists - GRE Prep Club


3-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 150 to 159

The most striking thing about the politician - GRE Official Guide

Wills argues that certain malaria - GRE Official Guide

Repression of painful memories is sometimes - GRE Official Guide

Rather than viewing the Massachusetts - GRE Official Guide

The company’s efforts to improve safety – Official GRE verbal book

Researchers trying to make it possible – Official GRE verbal book

In her startlingly original writing – Official GRE verbal book

Female labor was essential to the growth – Official GRE verbal book

When the normally (i) _______ film director – Official GRE verbal book

In the nineteenth century the (i) _________ advanced – Official GRE verbal book 

Historically, arguments against women’s suffrage – GRE Prep Club

Churchill conceded that Russia - GRE Prep Club


3-Blank Questions - difficulty level: 160 to 170

What readers most commonly remember - GRE Official Guide

Putting a cash value on the ecological - GRE Official Guide

Only with the discovery of an ozone hole - GRE Official Guide

That today’s students of American culture tend – Official GRE verbal book

The serious study of popular culture – Official GRE verbal book

There is no point in combing through – Official GRE verbal book

As the finances of the energy-trading firm – Official GRE verbal book

Kept (i) ________ by cloying commercial – Official GRE verbal book

The lizards snapped up insects that are so – Official GRE verbal book

Bureaucrats tend to (i) _______. So it is – Official GRE verbal book

It may be that a kind of pendulum is built – Official GRE verbal book 

His theory purported that “proper” enjoyment – GRE Prep Club

Since he lacks the _____________ to take - GRE Prep Club

Those who knew the editor as a - GRE Prep Club

The pair’s apparent antagonism could easily be - GRE Prep Club

Though some judges have found in the - GRE Prep Club


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