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Hello Brent,

I tried with two assumptions and unfortunately both gave me answer for option A :(

1. T=100;F=20
2. T=50;F=10
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Let's work with your first pair of values: T = 100 and F = 20

So, Elvira won half of her first 20 games (F = 20), which means she won 10 of those 20 games.

Then Elvira won one quarter of her remaining 80 games (there are 100 games in TOTAL, and she already played 20 games), which means she won 20 of those 80 games.

So, TOTAL WINS = 10 + 20 = 30

"What percent of her games did Elvira wins last year?"
If Elvira won 30 of her 100 games, then she won 30% of her games.

So, when we INPUT T = 100 and F = 20, then the OUTPUT (i.e., the answer to the question) is 30

When we plug T = 100 and F = 20 into the answer choices, we get the following outputs:

A) 30 a MATCH!
B) 30 another MATCH
C) 20 no match
D) 30 another MATCH
E) 70 no match

So, it SEEMED like a good idea to use T = 100, but the test-maker (me in this case :-) anticipated this and made 3 of the answer choices work. This is common with VIAC questions. So, try to avoid the super-easy INPUT numbers. More here:

Evil test maker
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Agreed. Pure evil :-)

I used T=100 and F=40. It worked for me.
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Nice work!

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