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Free GRE Prep Study Guide

Prepare for free with our step-by-step study guide, which includes 80+ video lessons:

Free Video Modules

Within each of the 16 learning modules (Geometry, Statistics, Sentence Equivalence, etc.) that comprise the course, you'll find plenty of free videos to help you make an informed purchase. We also have 4 modules in which all of the videos are free. They are as follows:


To help you prepare for test day, we created the following sets of downloadable flashcards (in pdf format):  

  • GRE Math Flashcards - 174 flashcards covering every formula, concept and strategy needed for the quantitative sections of the GRE. Each flashcard is linked to a corresponding video lesson from the course.
  • Interactive Sentence Equivalence Flashcards - 151 flashcards covering all of the concepts and strategies needed to answer all Sentence Equivalence questions. Each flashcard is linked to a video lesson from the course.

GRE Word Lists


Check out these articles about various aspects of GRE preparation.

All Analytical Writing Prompts

  • Official list of all of possible essay prompts for the Issue Essay
  • Official list of all possible essay prompts for the Argument Essay


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