Study Guide - Overview

A Simple Approach – Watch, Learn, Practice, Practice

The Greenlight Study Guide makes GRE preparation easy. It contains hundreds of learning activities that guide you from day one of your studies all the way to test day. 

The Study Guide is based on the proven, straightforward strategy of learning one concept at a time and then reinforcing your learning by answering practice questions related to that one concept. This allows you to see the many different ways the GRE can test your knowledge of this one concept.  It also helps you build your confidence as you master one concept at a time.

Note: You need not follow the Study Guide in the precise order in which is laid out. For example, you may wish to alternate between Verbal and Quantitative topics. Just be sure to complete all of the learning activities.   

Complete the Steps and Take the GRE with Confidence

Each Study Guide activity has a corresponding checkbox, which allows you to track your progress and see what activities are left to complete.

Required Resources

To follow the Study Guide, you will need: 

Optional Resources

If you require additional practice materials, consider purchasing the following:

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