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GRE Score: Q-170, V-162, AW-4.5 When I started to prepare for GRE, I had only two months. At the first month I only learned new words. As I am from engineering background, I found the quant section tricky but manageable, but was failing to improve my mediocre performance on verbal section. Then I came to know about the free lessons of Greenlightestprep. I watched all the videos on mathematics, which provided me a comprehensive review of all that was needed to be known along with critical examples. I was then able to recognise many of the quant traps set by the question setters and increase my accuracy. The verbal videos taught me a very important strategy, to invest a significant time on reading comprehensions before attempting answers. This enormously increased my verbal scores too. I followed the format and strategy of Greenlightestprep in analytical writing too. I cannot believe someone can share such quality test preparation materials on the internet for free! Thank you Brent for helping us. Regards, Shiekh Zia Uddin
Shiekh Zia Uddin

Dear Sir or Madam, I took the GRE test last Friday and did well. I just wanted to thank you for this free source preparation material, especially the tutorial videos. They really helped me to improve! Thank you for all your effort you put into this website, I appreciate it! Best, Hannah Sperber
Hannah Sperber

The test material and the way of teaching is superb. I deeply respect your efforts and want to thank you whole heartedly for preparing such a useful module for students and that to for free. I wish you all the very best.
Mudit Sharma

Kirk McAllister - SeattleI bought the course about a week before the test. Before that, my scores (especially quant) had pretty much stalled but with your videos, my scores (especially quant) increased substantially. I really appreciate the way you organized everything. It made it easy to find topics I needed help with and once I found the right videos, the information was delivered perfectly with great examples and detailed solutions. I highly recommend Greenlight to anyone taking the GRE. Thanks guys.
Kirk McAllister - Seattle

I just wanted to tell you how helpful your videos are. I already spent $600 on a classroom GRE course and learned very little. I’ve been on your site for a couple of hours now and have already learned more than I did in the entire course.

THANK YOU! You definitely helped improve my GRE scores immensely (I took the GRE the first time after only studying a week). I wish I had found your videos sooner, they were perfect!

Patti Dylan - New YorkAfter trying many other websites and guides, I was lucky to find the Greenlight GRE videos, which are the easiest and the fastest way to prepare for the exam.
Patti Dylan - New York

Happy customerThanks for everything. I was TOTALLY lost before finding your videos on YouTube. I signed up for the course and everything seemed so easy. I had many “aha” moments throughout the math videos and I still can’t believe my math score!! (159 Quantitative, 167 Verbal)
Happy customer

My favourite thing about the course is that each video is a short mini lesson on 1 or 2 key concepts. It makes reviewing topics so much easier.
Kim W - Melbourne

Great vids! Plus I now know WHY 3^0 = 1
Scott Perri

DavidThe videos were incredibly easy to follow. They gave me a thorough understanding of what the GRE tests and how to beat it. I wish I had found you before spending over $1000 on another course. I'm happy to report that I got a total score of 330 (166 Quantitative and 164 Verbal)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to you and your wonderful videos!! Your course helped improve my GRE scores in less than a month. I ended up with a 164 Verbal and 166 Quant. This was the second time I took the test, and I'm too embarrassed to share the results of the first sitting. Let's just say I wish I had found these videos sooner!! Thank you for everything!
Kim Fuchs - Boston

I don’t know how I got a 156 math score, because I am DEFINITELY NOT a math person, but your videos were so simple to understand plus the video solutions showed me exactly how I should be looking a math questions. Thanks for everything - the videos definitely helped!!!
Arunika Singh

I’m writing to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of your GRE instructors. David’s tips and examples provided me with easy strategies to handle every verbal question, and Brent demystified a lot of math concepts I supposedly learned in high school but never truly understood. With their help I was able to get a 161 Verbal score and a 158 Quantitative score.
N. Lopez

After two poor attempts at the GRE, desperate to improve my scores to increase my GRE scores to ensure admission to graduate school, I frantically searched the web for help. I had previously used the materials from two other leading prep services. They both seemed helpful, but something was missing – which affected me on test day. Fortunately, I discovered Greenlight and immediately I sampled their free online videos – my sensibility about the GRE changed instantly. The GRE Is not a standard examination – it truly is as the ETS terms it a “Reasoning Test”. One must approach the GRE with that mindset – especially for the quantitative section. So with a week to my test date I purchased the entire set of Greenlight videos (quantitative and verbal modules). Throughout the process, the customer service from Brent of Greenlight was A+. As I went through the videos, I experienced what could be termed a non-stop epiphany. With each video – I found myself speaking aloud: “Brent is good!” “These videos are super!” Unfortunately, due to pressures of my current academic program and time constraints (I bought the video modules barely a week to my test date), I could not complete all the videos. I rushed through about 80% of the quantitative video modules in the 3-5 days prior to my test and only the Analytical writing module on the morning of my test. Despite not being able to go through all the videos and strictly follow the Study Guide as I had planned, my GRE scores improved substantially: Verbal: From 162 to 170 Quantitative: From 155 to 163 Analytical Writing: From 4.0 to 5.0 If I had more time, I am fairly certain my quantitative scores would have approximated my verbal scores. I cannot trace my gains in the verbal section to Greenlight as I did not use them for this section due to time constraints. For my verbal preparation, I briefly scanned the old Sparks GRE guide as my only preparation. However, for Quantitative and Analytical Writing sections, the Greenlight videos are responsible for almost all of my improvement. I am grateful to the Greenlight team and recommend them in the strongest terms. I encourage all GRE test takers to use their services and follow their Study Guide strictly. With the Greenlight study guide and videos, Official Revised GRE Guide (2nd ed.) and Sparks GRE guide (available free online or at used bookstores), I feel confident in saying a student should improve their scores substantially. Thank You VERY Much Greenlight!
A Happy Greenlight Customer

Greenlight Test Prep prepared me with great tenacity effectively. You can stop and play videos whenever needed, which is convenient if your schedule is busy. You can also fast-forward over material that you have already mastered. Studying for the gre is all about time management, which is why GTP is great.

I took the computer-based GRE today and scored 160 on Verbal and 165 on Quantitative. I am currently a college sophomore and I desire to do a Ph.D after graduation. This was the first time I'd ever taken the GRE, so I was literally hopping in excitement when my scores showed up. Regarding my Quants prep, I would like to give all the credits to Greenlight Testprep. You guys are my life savior. Believe it or not, when I first took one of the official mock tests, I scored only a low of 150. I started referring to several famous prep books including Barron's, Kaplan, and Princeton Review with a clear goal of brushing up my abysmal Q score. After 3-4 weeks, I took the other mock test, and to my surprise, my Q score didn't improve at all. And at that moment it hit me - probably mastering the test isn't merely about learning the strategies, but also about really understanding each and every concept. I then started to develop a whole new view on my test preparation process. And thank God I was not wrong when I decided to place all my faith in "Green Light." I could talk hours and hours about how amazing GL's video series is. The videos are all superbly constructed. They are so comprehensive indeed that any reference material (on Quants) except for the Official Guide would become redundant. The Data Interpretation part, in particular, is so thoroughly covered by GL that one will feel that no DI question can disconcert him/her. Just after three weeks (apprx 3 hrs/day) of watching the videos, I was able to cover more than half of the math concepts that I knew I would need for the test. And so came the "real thing." I was very confident in tackling the first Quants section and I felt like there was no tricky question. I just automatically followed the processes of finding the solutions that GL experts demonstrated in the video series. In the middle of the second section, I wobbled a little bit though, since there were more word problems than I had expected. At that time I wished I had covered the Word Problem videos in greater depth (as I mentioned above, I didn't have time to complete the whole video series). But anyway, the result was much much more than I had ever expected. I am aware that this is only my first try and I have many other opportunities to retake the test and bring up my scores. But I am genuinely thankful to Brent and Green Light for having given me the-right-approach when I was extremely disoriented.
Hieu Nguyen

Bobby S., TorontoGreenlight is awesome. These guys really know what they’re talking about.
Bobby S., Toronto

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