Course Overview

Life is Too Short to Take the GRE More Than Once

This course was created by a veteran GRE instructor, and it covers every concept and strategy you need to achieve your target scores. Also, the unique format of the course helps prevent the dreaded score plateau, AND helps reduce the need to go back and re-study topics you've already covered. Finally, the course also features a ridiculous number of categorized practice questions (over 1600 of them!) to reinforce your learning.

The video lessons in each module are carefully arranged to build on previous quantitative and verbal concepts. If you already know a particular concept/technique, then skip that lesson. If you aren’t familiar with the lesson topic, watch the video lesson, and then answer a variety of practice questions in Reinforcement Activities box beneath the lesson (here's an example).

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How to Navigate The Course

If you've just begun preparing for the GRE, you can follow our comprehensive Study Guide, which will take you, step-by-step, all the way to test day. If you just need to strengthen a few areas of weakness, our course is divided into 16 different modules, each covering a broad topic (GeometrySentence EquivalenceStatistics, etc). So, just go to the corresponding module and start learning

Dozens of Free Videos

We have free videos in every module, so be sure to try us out before making your purchase

Two Great Guarantees

We’re so confident you’ll love our course, we offer two guarantees:

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee: Cancel your account for any reason and receive a full refund. No fine print.
  • 5-Point Score Increase Guarantee: If your official score doesn’t increase by at least 5 points, we’ll refund your purchase. 


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