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I have struggle with this one. Can be the line drawing on quadrant II. I mean, it is possible have a rise = -2 and the run -4. I though that the (-sign) apply for numerator and denominator? I think I am wrong and the (-sign) only apply for one of them . Thanks so much.
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Sorry, but I don't understand what you're asking. Can you please elaborate.
Are you referring to a specific GRE question?

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Hi Mr Hanneson,

I have a question, What if the slope of an equation (Value of m) is an integer eg:4,6,-9 etc. how to determine the run(denominator) and draw a line.

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Keep in mind that all integers can be written as a fraction with denominator 1.

For example, 3 = 3/1 and -9 = -9/1

So, if the slope is 5, we can say the slope is 5/1.
This means the rise is 5 and the run is 1.

Does that help?


Hi Brent, in the example above, if the slope was -2/5, why didn't we move 5 units to the left of the x-axis. Why did you move it five units to the right instead, because isn't it suppose to be a '-'? (Minute 2:30)
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There are 2 directions we can go.

If the slope is -2/5, then we can have a "rise" of -2 (i.e., go DOWN 2 units) and a "run" of 5 ((i.e., go RIGHT 5 units). Here, rise/run = -2/5


If the slope is -2/5, then we can have a "rise" of 2 (i.e., go UP 2 units) and a "run" of -5 ((i.e., go LEFT 5 units). Here, rise/run = 2/-5, which is the same as -2/5

Does that help?


Hi Brent, would y = (-3/2)x + 3 be the converted slope y intercept form of 3x + 2y = 6?
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Yes, y = (-3/2)x + 3 is the slope y-intercept form of the equation 3x + 2y = 6

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