In this module, you'll learn all about the GRE test format, the question types found on the GRE, and how the GRE's onscreen calculator works. You'll also learn some strategies that can be applied in a variety situations.


  • 1. Lesson: About the GRE (9:51)
  • 2. Lesson: The GRE Onscreen Calculator (8:24)
  • 3. Lesson: Math Question Formats (5:31)
  • 4. Lesson: Handling Stress on Test Day (5:31)
  • 5. Lesson: General GRE Math Strategies (7:24)
  • 6. Lesson: Multiplying by Doubling and Halving. (2:02)
  • 7. Lesson: Shortcut for Dividing by 5 (3:13)
Total viewing time for the General GRE Info and Strategies module: 42 minutes.

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