GRE Reading Comprehension

In the GRE Reading Comprehension module, you will learn GRE-specific skills related to:

  • Answering common question types
  • Engaging in each passage
  • Summarizing paragraphs
  • Identifying the main idea
  • Identifying common structures
  • Eliminating incorrect answers
  • Passage-specific questions
  • Adjusting your strategy
  • Common myths
  • Recommended readings



  • 1. Lesson: Introduction to Reading Comprehension (5:10)
  • 2. Lesson: Reading Comprehension Question Types (7:12)
  • 3. Lesson: Reading Comprehension General Strategy (4:22)
  • 4. Lesson: Engaging in the Passage (11:43)
  • 5. Lesson: Summarizing each Paragraph (8:14)
  • 6. Lesson: Identifying the Main Idea (7:02)
  • 7. Lesson: Identifying the Correct Answer (7:02)
  • 8. Lesson: Answering Certain Question Types (9:47)
  • 9. Lesson: Miscellaneous Tips (3:50)
  • 10. Question: Gophers (8:35)
  • 11. Question: Rice Fiasco (7:52)
  • 12. Question: Stalin's Message (5:42)
  • 13. Lesson: Introduction to Argument Passages (10:22)
  • 14. Lesson: Dissecting an Argument (10:34)
  • 15. Question: FitnessTown (5:54)
  • 16. Question: Polafish (6:20)
Total viewing time for the GRE Reading Comprehension module: 120 minutes.

Additional Practice

Difficulty level: 130 to 149

When the great influenza pandemic of - GRE Official Guide

In 1998 the United States Department - GRE Official Guide

In Gilavia, the number of reported workplace - GRE Official Guide

Fossil bones of the huge herbivorous - GRE Official Guide

In the past ten years, there have been - GRE Official Guide

While most scholarship on women’s employment - GRE Official Guide

A person who agrees to serve as mediator - GRE Official Guide

Was Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847) a great - GRE Official Guide

During an economic depression, it is common - GRE Prep Club

Bedbug infestations have been a problem - GRE Prep Club

Dan Flavin’s alternate diagonals of March - GRE Prep Club

Ragwort was accidentally introduced to New – Official GRE verbal book

Despite the fact that the health-inspection procedures – Official GRE verbal book

African American newspapers in the 1930s – Official GRE verbal book

Years ago, consumers in Frieland began paying an – Official GRE verbal book

In a plausible but speculative scenario, oceanographer – Official GRE verbal book


Difficulty level: 150 to 159

The condition of scholarship devoted - GRE Official Guide

The average temperature of the lobster-rich - GRE Official Guide

Nineteenth-century architect Eugène - GRE Official Guide

Historians credit repeated locust invasions - GRE Official Guide

Arctic sea ice comes in two varieties - GRE Official Guide

The more definitions a given noun has - GRE Official Guide

Astronomers found a large body orbiting - GRE Official Guide

Some researchers contend that sleep - GRE Official Guide

Observations of the Arctic reveal that - GRE Official Guide

Saturn’s giant moon Titan is the - GRE Official Guide

Elements of the Philosophy of Newton - GRE Official Guide

Sparva, unlike Treland’s other provinces - GRE Official Guide

The evolution of intelligence among early - GRE Official Guide

Tocqueville, apparently, was wrong - GRE Official Guide

I enjoyed A Dream of Light - GRE Official Guide

Stars create energy through the process - GRE Prep Club

Homo economicus, or economic human - GRE Prep Club

By 1784, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was - GRE Prep Club

A Small Place is Jamaica Kincaid’s memoir - GRE Prep Club

Premastication is the practice of a mother - GRE Prep Club

According to Mercy Amba Oduyoye in - GRE Prep Club

While new census data reveals that - GRE Prep Club

Quantum mechanics is a relatively new – GRE Prep Club

For many years, most physicists supported one – GRE Prep Club

Various tales in Herodotus’s The Histories – GRE Prep Club

That sales can be increased by the presence of sunlight – Official GRE verbal book

While the best sixteenth-century Renaissance – Official GRE verbal book

In humans, the pilomotor reflex leads to – Official GRE verbal book

The plant called the scarlet gilia can have either – Official GRE verbal book

Frederick Douglass was unquestionably the most – Official GRE verbal book

Despite hypotheses ranging from armed conflict to – Official GRE verbal book

Although it is intuitively clear that an increase in – Official GRE verbal book

Since the 1980s, experts have been claiming – Official GRE verbal book

In the early twentieth century, the idea that pianists – Official GRE verbal book

Scientists formerly believed that the rocky planets – Official GRE verbal book

Despite a dramatic increase in the number of people riding – Official GRE verbal book

Mayor: Four years ago, when we reorganized – Official GRE verbal book

The binary planet hypothesis—that Earth and – Official GRE verbal book

James W. Coleman’s book on John Edgar – Official GRE verbal book

The painter Peter Brandon never dated his works – Official GRE verbal book


Difficulty level: 160 to 170

Until recently, many anthropologists assumed - GRE Official Guide

The attribution of early-nineteenth - GRE Official Guide

In a recent study, David Cressy - GRE Official Guide

When marine organisms called phytoplankton - GRE Official Guide

Animal signals, such as the complex songs of birds - GRE Official Guide

Whether the languages of the ancient American - GRE Official Guide

Many critics of Emily Bronte’s novel - GRE Official Guide

For hot desert locations with access to - GRE Official Guide

A ten-year comparison between the United - GRE Official Guide

In the United States between 1850 and 1880 - GRE Official Guide

Supernovas in the Milky Way are the likeliest source – Official GRE verbal book

The massive influx of women cyclists—making up – Official GRE verbal book

What causes a helix in nature to appear with – Official GRE verbal book

X-ray examination of a recently discovered painting – Official GRE verbal book

What makes a worker ant perform one particular – Official GRE verbal book

This passage is adapted from material published in 2001 – Official GRE verbal book

During the 1920s, most advocates of scientific management – Official GRE verbal book

In November 1753, the British author Sarah – Official GRE verbal book

Most recent work on the history of leisure – Official GRE verbal book

Experts have differed about where the genus Varanus – Official GRE verbal book

Geographers and historians have traditionally – Official GRE verbal book

A supernova is a brief stellar explosion - GRE Prep Club

In keeping with the notable incorporation - GRE Prep Club

In the 1960s, Northwestern University - GRE Prep Club

Matisse and Picasso; Picasso and Matisse - GRE Prep Club

The past decade has seen a statistically - GRE Prep Club

In 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act - GRE Prep Club

In traditional theater forms, the roles – GRE Prep Club

Invisible theater and guerrilla theater are two – GRE Prep Club

Universalism was most prominently set forward – GRE Prep Club

The story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – GRE Prep Club

In traditional theater forms, the roles of – GRE Prep Club

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