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inference questions are the hardest

Yes, you're right. Inference questions are indeed the hardest. However, the best shot at answering these questions correctly is to always keep the following question in mind when reading the answer choices: What MUST ABSOLUTELY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY BE TRUE? This is crucial! The answer has to be undeniably true based on what's IN THE PASSAGE ONLY. This is the mindset you have to have when tackling inference questions.

Hello :-)
I have a doubt in a practice question, http://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/the-evolution-of-intelligence-among-early-large-mammals-1788.html?oldest=1

I'm not sure where to write it in the course, so I'm writing it here. Kindly advise me, so I can write at the right place from next time.

For qn 4, "According to the passage, as the process of arousal in an organism continues, all of the following may occur EXCEPT", I can't understand what does option D mean by and where is it mentioned in the passage. Could you please help me ?
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Question link: http://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/the-evolution-of-intelligence-among-earl...

Great question, Vinodhini!

My first reaction was that this is a typo and that answer choice D should read "an increase in SENSITIVITY with respect to stimuli."

However, it also seems that answer choice D, as it stands, is also valid. As arousal increases, animals select which stimuli to ignore and which stimuli to attend to. This is suggested in the following line: "It ranges from a passive, freefloating awareness to a highly focused, active fixation."

The third option in the Marcus example is wrong according to me..
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You're absolutely right!
The 3rd option is supposed to read "Marcus has seen Rocky III eleven times."
I totally forgot that I need to fix that - thanks!


For the first part of this PowerPrep question I didn't select the second answer choice. After rereading i can see how that could be an answer but i'm wondering if a solid strategy to avoid overlooking answers like that in the past is: Find all the answers/details the question asks of in the passage before looking at answer choices? https://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/the-nearly-circular-orbits-of-planets-in-our-solar-system-le-3245.html
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Question link: https://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/the-nearly-circular-orbits-of-planets-i...

It's tough to suggest a strategy to avoid overlooking answers.

What are you doing differently for questions in which you DO overlook answers (compared to questions in which you
DON'T overlook answers)? The answer to that question might help determine a strategy for not overlooking answers.

The best strategy I can think of is to take your time and carefully consider all answer choices.

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