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What is a "Design feature" in the contex of reading comprehension?
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An example: when designing a car, a common design feature is the inclusion a steering wheel.

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For summarizing the entire passage in 10 words or less, what would be the summary?
I noted it down as an explanation type: "Different Gopher alarm responses explained and new hypothesis confirmed through experiment"
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Your summary is great.

Our summary is: Gophers warn of danger with chirrup noise.

Both summaries are valid.


You stated in the video above that "do not always" is "soft language" - how do we know what is or is not "soft language?"
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Great question.

You're referring to 4:40 in the above video.

Another name for "soft language" is "vague language" or "open-ended language"

Many students will incorrectly read "DO NOT ALWAYS cause animals . . . " as "NEVER cause animals . . ."
This interpretation is false. In fact, the actually interpretation allows for many different scenarios.

Example: If we say "Joe DOES NOT ALWAYS have coffee with his breakfast," then this just tells us that there was at least one occasion in which Joe did not have coffee with his breakfast.

So, even if Joe has had coffee with 999 of his past 1000 breakfasts, we can still say that Joe DOES NOT ALWAYS have coffee with his breakfast.

Another word that suggests soft language is the word SOME.

So, if I say "SOME people have watched TV while riding a horse" all that means is "AT LEAST ONE person has watched TV while riding a horse"

Does that help?


Do you have any tips on how to tackle the structure questions? I have noticed that I always struggle on these questions and end up wasting a lot of time. I usually eliminate 3 answer choices and I am usually left with 2 answer choices and am forced to guess...
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In my opinion, the key to answering structure questions is to describe the method of reasoning to yourself BEFORE examining the answer choices. Then it's a matter of finding the answer choice that matches yours (rather than determine which answer choice is correct).

It also helps to use very generic language while describing the method of reasoning to yourself.


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