Lesson: Introduction to Reading Comprehension

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The video will help immensely
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Glad to hear it!

Quick question with overall strategies. I fully understand that reading a passage throughly with 2 -3 minutes and answer questions at once without going back to reread passage is an ideal. However since I am a non native I have been saving times to skim and scanning in order to minimize my reading time and gain more time on answering questions. Does my strategies still applies for GRE reading as well? If not, please suggest me a strategies step before the video. Thank you so much!!
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When it comes to Reading Comprehension, I don’t believe there’s one specific approach that works best for everyone. I always recommend that students spend some time experimenting with different strategies to see which one best suits their memory, reading speed and English proficiency.

loved this first video,
i'm really terrible at RC, hope i'll be better after completing the whole set of videos from here.
Thank you,

I am a very slow reader. I am not able to keep up with the given time in the exam. How to improve my speed, as i can only comprehend the passage by slow reading?
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Becoming a faster reader is a long process. If you're finding it difficult to complete the Verbal sections within the allotted time, you may need to consider skipping/guessing some of the questions and then using your extra time to do well on the RC passages.

In my opinion, it's better to skip a few questions and do well on the remaining questions than it is to rush through every question.


Regarding the time factor, that's the enemy on RC questions. Like for me, I'm a slow reader, digesting every morsel and analyzing everything. Unfortunately, that takes time, and I cannot allow time to work against my score. In fact, I specifically got an extended time accommodation for this purpose, so I at least have an extra 15 minutes in each verbal section to read thoroughly. Nobody on this earth can be expected to have the same reading and comprehension speed as anybody else. The fact that this test is timed is enough to make anybody anxious and lead to a lower than average score, particularly if you know for a fact that the test is not an accurate gauge of your intellectual and academic abilities.
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I will try my best to read with better understanding.

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