Lesson: Working with Powers of Ten

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It seems that -ve sigh is missing in the question(g)?
If we subtract 16 from 64, then we don't get 1024?

Thanks for the help!
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Question link: https://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/evaluate-the-following-a-13618.html

Question g is testing on order of operations (BEDMAS/PEMDAS).

Given: (20/5)²(-2 + 6)³
We must first evaluate the parts in the brackets.
20/5 = 4, and -2 + 6 = 4

So, we get: (4)²(4)³
Evaluate each part to get: (16)(64)
Simplify: 1024

Does that help?


Thanks! I got this now :)

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