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Can I multiply both sides times x, and the subtract 1?
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No, we can't do that, because we don't know whether x is positive or negative. For more on this, see the following video:

Hi, could you also plug in numbers for this strategy? I used x=1 and still received the same answer (Quantity A is greater) but I'm not sure if this would be a correct way of doing it?

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Plugging in only 1 value is not enough to be absolutely certain of the correct answer. For more on this, see (the part about guaranteeing the correct answer starts at 3:00)

For this particular question, plugging in only 1 value worked, but it won't always work.

If I plug in x=-1, I get 0 for A and -2 for B.
When I plug in x=1, I get 2 for A and 0 for B
...hence I got the answer D.
Could you clarify where I went wrong? Thanks.
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Case 1) x = -1
We get 0 for Quantity A, and we get -2 for Quantity B.
So, Quantity A is greater

Case 2) x = 1
We get 2 for Quantity A, and we get 0 for Quantity B
So, Quantity A is still greater

I hope that helps.


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