Lesson: Introduction to Combinations

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I could not find part two of the articles.
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Thanks for the heads up!
I have fixed the broken link.


Cant understand the difference between the sum in link two and link 1 .both talk about selecting nos from a a set and still the first uses the mississippi rule. Can u please help me out with how the 1st sum uses the mississippi rule
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Link #1: http://greprepclub.com/forum/set-s-consists-of-5-objects-1900.html

Link #2: http://greprepclub.com/forum/qotd-23-s-2619.html

The solution for question #1 is not applying the Mississippi rule. It's applying the combination formula.
That is, we can choose 4 objects from 5 objects in 5C4 ways.
5C4 = 5!/(4!1!)

The solution for question #2 also applies the combination formula.

Does that help?



Can you please explain this? I did not get your explanation neither do I get Sandy's

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