Question: x in terms of y

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(180 - y) + x + 22 = 180
-y + x + 22 = 0
x = y - 22
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That's exactly what i did! On an exam where you're trying to save time, why introduce another variable? I get it for learning purposes, but doesn't it complicate matters without benefit in practice?

x = 180 - (180 - y) - 22 also works and is the quickest possible method I see. 1 step.
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As is the case with most GRE math questions, there are several possible approaches. Yours is also a perfectly valid solution, and it's faster than the two solutions in the video.

That said, the solutions in the video (especially the 2nd solution) aren't really that time consuming.

I loved your Geometry Module slideshow.
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Thanks Anil!

I like you showed the 43+x approach. I don't know if I would have considered treating that as a single angle. It's a good method to know.
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I'm glad you like it!

x + 22 + (180 - y) = 180
x = y - 22
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