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Would y also be equal to 90 + 5x (i.e., the sum of the two interior angles of a triangle)?
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That works too! We get...
Quantity A: 7x and Quantity B: 90 + 5x
Subtract 5x from both to get: Quantity A: 2x and Quantity B: 90
At this point, we have a similar situation as in the solution.

A: 7x
B: 180-2x

add 2x both quantities

A: 9x
B: 180

if x=20 then both will be equal, but thats not possible since sum of angles of triangle will be greater than 180. hence x will be lesser than 20, in total 9x will be lesser than 180.

B answer.
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Excellent reasoning!

We can even substitute value of 7x to column A. In that case
Column A : 90
Column B : 90+5x
so column B > A
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Very nice!

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