Lesson: Prime Numbers

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For the GrE prep question of 150 to 159.in the option B why were the values of p and q changed?
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Question link: https://greprepclub.com/forum/if-p-and-q-are-different-prime-numbers-and...

Keep in mind that we're trying to eliminate 4 of the 5 answer choices.
So, we want to find values for p and q that make 4 of the 5 answer choices true.

We're told that p and q are different prime numbers.
So, as I test each answer choice, I can use any two prime numbers for p and q.

For answer choice B, If we use the same values we used for A, (p = 3 and q = 5), then we're unable to eliminate B (since those values make answer choice B false).

So, to be able to eliminate B, I had to test other values that could make B true.

Does that help?


Your math videos are really the best. Great explanations, and what's even better is how you aggregate questions from multiple sources.
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Thanks! I'm glad you like my videos!

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