Question: Not divisible by 6

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Awesome. Exactly what the Gre is about. These video are saving a lot of time. Quality questions is what we require. Understanding a few good questions the right way is better than working on more questions.Thanks Mr Brent. One question though. Why do you put cute pics on the right side of the website ?
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Good question!
The fast answer (in the form of a rhetorical question): who doesn't like cute pictures? :-)
The longer answer: we feel that nice/cute/inspiring images on the site creates a positive atmosphere, which is important when preparing for what many find to be an unpleasant test

indeed thats great, being a working professional i find this course is very much helpful.
Brent, one suggestion in those flashcards, why don't you include word etymology? that will help even further.
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Interesting you should mention that. We're hoping to add that to the site this summer.

Thank you so much! The first time around when I went through these videos using the two techniques (rebuilding the dividend and listing possible values of the dividend) I got really frustrated because it didn't make sense to me at all. Going through the videos a second time has helped a lot! To all those students struggling...revisiting topics DEFINITELY helps! So if you don't understand something the first time, move on and come back with a fresh perspective and things will seem much more clear!!
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Good to hear!
Yes, sometimes you just need to give your brain a little time for concepts to "steep" (like tea).

Hi Brent,

First, thank you very much for posting and hence showing us so *many* different ways to approach the questions in this lesson (Integer Properties, Intro to Remainders).

The variety you employ in your solutions somehow makes the patterns and underlying logic in this area more obvious and more comprehensible, especially in the 160-170 level questions. Awesome!

Second, I have a question about strategy in this problem regarding your second approach: after listing possible values of N and finding that answer choice D doesn't work, must we still check answer choice E?

I probably would do so regardless. But what if the answer were B? Would we still need to check the other choices? (Again, if there were time, I would probably do so.)

In this particular context (i.e., we find values of integers that must satisfy constraints dictating how integers behave), there seem to be quite a few occasions in which finding the case that does not satisfy yet another constraint seems to be the definitive result. I am just wondering....
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Great question!
Since there's only one correct answer, once you determine D doesn't work, you can select D and move on to the next question, BUT if you made a mistake in your calculations, you might incorrectly choose the wrong answer. So, if you're 100% sure your calculations are correct, you can select D and move on.

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