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So I was working on this practice question: https://greprepclub.com/forum/x-is-an-integer-greater-than-1724.html

I got confused, the answer is "D." someone in the comments said that when X=1, A is greater. I am confused because the given info says X is "an integer greater than 1." I assumed that this means it could not equal 1, because 1 is not greater than 1. Is that thinking not right?
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Question link: https://greprepclub.com/forum/x-is-an-integer-greater-than-1724.html

You're right; the person should have tested a different value. Let's do that.

CASE I: If x = 2, we get:
QUANTITY A: 3^(x + 1) = 3^(2 + 1) = 3^3 = 27
QUANTITY B: 4^x = 4^2 = 16
In this case, Quantity A is greater.

CASE II: If x = 4, we get:
QUANTITY A: 3^(x + 1) = 3^(4 + 1) = 3^5 = 243
QUANTITY B: 4^x = 4^4 = 256
In this case, Quantity B is greater.

Answer: still D :-)


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